Monday, July 24, 2017

5 Lessons I Learned While Developing My Product

By Sara Rose Anderson, Britelites
A few years ago, after my daughter was born, I considered getting a serious makeover. Nine months of pregnancy will do that to you. Funky colors were calling my name but there was no way I could pull off blue hair at my conservative office job. My stylist...

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Make Money or Help Others? What My MBA Taught Me About Being 'Different'

While traveling for work, I sat next to a 26-year-old woman on a plane to Austin, Texas. She helped me relive a moment from my past that continues to be a reminder of the importance of being comfortable with who you are, especially if what you believe makes you “different.”

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10 Tips for Conveying Confidence - Fake It Till You Make It

By Michael Solomon, 10x Management Co-Founder
When you want to succeed, conveying confidence is key. This is true if you are trying to land a dream job or a great freelance contract, meet that new girl or guy, or just about anything else that involves making a good impression on another...

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Businessweek Shows Aged Obama On Next Cover (PHOTO)

Businessweek continued its streak of attention-getting covers on Wednesday by portraying President Obama as a much older man for its next issue.
“The opposition remains considerable, and no matter how successful he is, the hardest job in the world will take its toll,” the editors...

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

How to Use Google Shopping to Grow Your Business

All businesses know the power of Google – its search engine results can bring you customers that are actively searching for what you’re selling. But have you heard of Google Shopping?
You may have noticed thumbnail images of specific products that show up when you search for...

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Creating a Social Mission from Scratch: A Conversation with Neil Blumenthal

As Founder and Executive Director of goods for good, I have always been inspired by individuals and companies that share my commitment to taking a creative, sustainable approach to international development. With this in mind, it is my pleasure to chat with Neil Blumenthal, co-founder and...

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5 Tips For Creating An Effective Logo Design For Your Brand

For a lot of companies, a strong logo is what customers associate with your brand. Successful logo designs act as a recognizable symbol for your brand, and helps your valued customers identify your products and services. When it comes to branding, the right logo design is a quintessential...

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